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Küllüoba is an oval mound measuring approximately 350 x 200 m and rising nearly ten meters above the plain. It is situated 35 km SE of Eskisehir, 15 km NE of Seyitgazi and 1.3 km south of the village of Yenikent.

The mound itself– on the northern slope of an ancient stream bed (Kireçkuyusu), now dry – is comprised almost exclusively of prehistoric deposit; all phases of the Early Bronze Age (3200-1900 BC) are represented, underlain by Late Chalcolithic (3500-3200 BC.) deposits.There are also late Hellenistic remains in the general vicinity and in the fields to the south and southwest.

The excavations on the mound started in 1996, by Prof. Turan Efe and it is still under excavation by Assoc.Prof. Murat Türkteki from Bilecik Seyh Edebali University.


The note of the Head of Excavation Assoc. Prof. Murat Türkteki

The Kulluoba excavation was recognized by the scientists with the great efforts of my teacher Prof. Turan Efe and came to the fore as an important key settlement in the evaluations about the Western Anatolian EBA. As it can be understood from the publication list of Kulluoba excavation and the CV we have presented, Eskişehir region and Kulluoba excavation have an important place in the scientific career of Turan Efe. For Turan Efe, who has conducted researches and publications in a wide scientific framework, the Kulluoba Excavation is important, but his scientific career is not just Kulluoba. However, if we were not our teacher, Kulluoba Excavation would never have existed and important data would not have been obtained. Therefore, I must state that we continue the excavation works without forgetting this.

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